Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Got Pet Stains? Use this simple solution to remove the worst stains

Why is it that animals seem to target your white or light colored carpet to throw up on?

They can't do it on the linoleum or tile floors...No, no, no!  

They go for the rugs every time!

I've tried every type of spot remover on the market and nothing gets rid of pet stains faster or more economically than hydrogen peroxide. 

It does not seem to harm the fabric, it's odorless, and the stains don't return.

Just squirt a liberal amount onto any stain, old or new and let it soak.  

Tougher stains may need more than one application.

~Urine and feces

Give it a try!

It also works on: 

~Red wine
~BBQ sauce

Use a clean cloth to dab up the excess after it has soaked for a while.  

Be sure to follow all safety recommendations as directed

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